Business Management [Level 3 / A Levels]

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Students who complete the 60-credit level 3 university foundation program—equivalent to one A level—learn numerous managerial skills and crucial business concepts. The course’s goal is to equip students with the information they need to work well in teams as well as independently in a business. Strong business management abilities are essential for any kind of enterprise.



About our Course

The 60-credit level 3 university foundation program, which is equal to one A level, teaches students a variety of management techniques and important business principles. The purpose of the course is to give students the knowledge they need to function well in a business, both individually and in teams. Any business must be able to build strong business management skills.

Six modules and six written assignments make up the level 3 diploma in business management. Each module has roughly forty guided learning hours in it. Students will have access to a variety of study tools while obtaining the credential, including webinars, tutor help, a social learning forum, and extra materials for their graduate business course.

Students who successfully complete this course earn a fully Ofqual-regulated Qualifi level 3 business management qualification. Following that, students will have the chance to apply to a number of UK universities for admission to a full undergraduate degree program. Alternatively, students can choose to study our business management level 4/5 diploma and then finish an undergraduate top-up at any number of UK universities.


Qualification Numbers: Level 3 Diploma in Business Management- 603/1102/2

Course Content

There are six written assignments and six modules in the level 3 course. Every module has forty hours of guided learning content, plus an additional thirty to fifty hours of optional content that includes readings, exercises, online resources, and self-testing activities.

An introduction to marketing

One of the most important corporate functions, marketing involves a lot of different tasks and has a large workforce. The knowledge required to comprehend the core ideas of marketing mix, marketing planning, and marketing research is developed in this subject. It provides an overview of marketing by outlining the marketing function’s strategic goal and how it helps businesses succeed.

An introduction to the business enviroment

This lesson will describe the many company forms and the ownership structures that exist within an economy. Students will comprehend the owner’s and stakeholders’ roles in achieving the goal of the business. This lesson will assist students in comprehending how businesses are set up to accomplish their goals. This module will also assist in understanding how businesses can be impacted by the political, legal, social, and economic environments, providing the learner with an awareness of the variety of enterprises.

Business communication

When it comes to how successful businesses are, effective communication is a crucial component. After completing this module, students will have a solid understanding of the many business information types that organizations use, both internally and externally, as well as the strategies employed to convey information to various audiences. This subject will give students the chance to create, examine, and assess a variety of techniques for communicating various business information kinds, as well as comprehend the rationale behind such communication. Additionally, they will create and assess various forms of internal and external company communication.

Business resources

This module will provide an explanation of how various resources, such as financial, technological, human, and physical resources, are used and managed in businesses. This module will assist the learner in developing an awareness of employability and personal skills that are necessary for employees in an organization, as well as how human resources are managed. Learners will acquire a grasp of the rationale behind efficient resource management, including human, physical, and technology resources.

Human resource management

This lesson will discuss human capital, which is an organization’s most valuable resource. To get the most out of any resource, even the most valuable ones, management is necessary. An overview of some of the most important topics that are under the purview of the human resources department is given in this session. Learners will have a better knowledge of the variables that organizations consider while preparing their human resource management by the conclusion of this session. They will also discover how companies can increase employee loyalty and motivation.

Recruitment and selection in business

This module is about how an organisation recruits and selects staff. Learners will gain knowledge and understanding of the process that a business has to go through when recruiting staff. Learners will prepare documents necessary to help select the right person for the job and plan to take part in a selection interview. They will have a broad understanding of the legislation surrounding recruitment and selection and be able to explain how these laws affect a business. As part of this, learners will consider the role of the Human Resource department. This will help them understand the vital role that the HR department plays in helping an organisation achieve its business objectives and will help them in the future when attending a job interview or participating in a selection panel.


There are six written tasks for the business management level 3 diploma. Each assignment is between two and three thousand words long. Students can access the ‘Tutor’ part of the learning portal to receive assistance with the courses and assignments.

The Assignment unit titles that students need to complete for the level 3 course are:

  1. An introduction to marketing
  2. An introduction to the business environment
  3. Business communication
  4. Business resources
  5. Human resource management
  6. Recruitment and selection in business

University Progression

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to apply to a number of UK universities for admission to a full BA degree program. As an alternative, students can choose to study our level 4/5 diploma in business management and then continue on to a number of UK universities to finish a top-up BA.

University of Sunderland – On Campus

BA (Hons) Business and Management (Year 1 ) – £9250

Birmingham City University – On Campus

BA (Hons) Marketing (Professional Practice) fee £9,000, duration Full Time 3 years

BA (Hons) Business – progression from Level 3 Diploma in Business, fees £9,000 (UK or EU) or £12,000 (international), duration Full time 3 years / Sandwich 4 years

BSc (Hons) Business Accountancy, fees £9,000 (UK or EU) or £12,000 (international), duration Full time 3 years / Sandwich 4 years

What is included in the cost of our course?

  • All course material, including online modules and written assignments
  • Personal tutor support with 1-2-1 Zoom sessions
  • committed student assistance
  • Having access to a social learning forum online
  • Assignment evaluation and comments
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