Business IGCSE

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The globally acclaimed Business IGCSE qualification seeks to develop a strong understanding of business concepts, terminology, and principles in a range of contexts, including international marketplaces.

Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of business principles, skills, and concepts through the use of real-world scenario examples and business terminology that are interwoven throughout the course.
After completing the course, students will have a solid understanding of several key business concepts, including finance, roles in a corporation, production, global markets, various business types, expansion, and innovation.



About This Course

The internationally recognized Business IGCSE qualification aims to foster a solid grasp of business principles, vocabulary, and ideas in a variety of settings, including global marketplaces.

Through the use of real-world scenario examples and business terminology, which are woven throughout the course, the objectives of this course are to give students a thorough understanding of business principles, skills, and concepts.
Students who complete the course will have a firm grasp of a number of important business concepts, such as: finance, roles in a business, production, worldwide markets, different kinds of businesses, expansion, and innovation.
This material is divided into five modules, each of which has an assessment at the end to help gauge and solidify the students’ grasp of the material.


Approximately 6 months before an exam date, Students should book their place at an exam centre to take the Edexcel IGCSE Business Studies (4BS1) qualification exam.

The exam centre could be a private exam centre or a school or college that is also submitting its own students for the exam.

Edexcel publish a list of exam centres that accept private candidates. This won’t cover every available centre, so if there’s nothing shown in your area, we recommend contacting local schools and colleges directly.

Exam fees are not included in the course cost as they are paid directly to the exam centre. They will vary depending on which centre you choose.

Course Content

There are five modules that cover the course material. After completion, there is an assessment to help verify and measure the students’ knowledge and comprehension. As a result, this offers our students the most flexible and reasonably priced opportunity to earn an IGCSE qualification.

Units Included in Bussiness IGCSE

  1. The Business Environment
  2. Human Resources and Training
  3. Business Performance
  4. Marketing and Advertisement
  5. Production

What is included in the cost of our course?

  • All course material, including online modules and past exam papers.
  • Personal tutor support with 1-2-1 Skype sessions
  • Dedicated student support
  • Access to an online social learning forum
  • Assignment marking and feedback
  • Free CV writing help on completion of the course.