Mathematics IGCSE

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Everyday tools and applications that we use rely on mathematics. From building computers to flying airplanes to providing necessary healthcare. Mathematical proficiency is required in many different occupations.

With this course, you can acquire highly sought-after logical and analytical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and competent computing capabilities. It will provide you the foundation to pursue careers in actuarial science, research, teaching, credit risk, business intelligence, and finance, among other fields.



About our Course

Applications and tools that we use on a daily basis depend on mathematics. From creating computers to operating aircraft to offering essential medical services. A broad number of industries require proficiency in mathematics.

You can get highly sought-after analytical and logical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and proficient computing capabilities with this course. It will provide you with the groundwork to pursue jobs in actuarial science, business intelligence, finance, credit risk, teaching, and research, among other sectors.

This course covers its material in five modules, each of which has an assessment at the end to assist gauge and solidify the students’ grasp of the material. As a result, this offers students the finest opportunity to earn an IGCSE credential in a flexible way.


Approximately 6 months before an exam date, Students should book their place at an exam centre to take the Edexcel GCSE Mathematics (1MA1 specification) exam.

The exam centre could be a private exam centre or a school or college that is also submitting its own students for the exam.

Edexcel publish a list of exam centres that accept private candidates. This won’t cover every available centre, so if there’s nothing shown in your area, we recommend contacting local schools and colleges directly.

Exam fees are not included in the course cost as they are paid directly to the exam centre. They will vary depending on which centre you choose.

Course Content

There are eight modules that cover the course material. After completion, there is an assessment to help verify and measure the students’ knowledge and comprehension. As a result, this offers our students the most flexible and reasonably priced opportunity to earn an IGCSE qualification.

The Basics’

Whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios, algebraic expressions, equations & formulae, coordinates & midpoints, forms and angles, area and perimeter, gathering data, averages & range, presenting data, and an introduction to probability are just a few of the topics covered in this part.

Moving on (Foundation)

Factors, multiples and primes, approximation and rounding, fractions and mixed numbers, proportion, indices, algebraic expressions, equations, formulas, and inequalities, linear sequences, graphs, shapes and angles, transformations, area and volume, compound measures, circles, presentation and interpretation of data, and probability are just a few of the topics covered in this module.

Preparing for Higher Tier

A wide range of topics are covered in this module, such as construction and loci, circles, cylinders, cones, and spheres; similarity and congruence; Pythagoras and trigonometry; vectors; bias and sampling; grouped frequency tables; probability; algebraic expressions; equations, formulae, and inequalities; non-linear sequences; graphs and functions.

Mastering the Higher Tier

Decimals and place values, working with roots, algebraic expressions, quadratics, additional equations and inequalities, quadratic and other non-linear sequences, graphs and functions, circle theorems, similar shapes, transformations, Pythagoras and trigonometry, vectors, interquartile range, histograms, and probability are just a few of the topics covered in this module.

Exam Preparation

Exam papers for both Foundation and Higher Tier are provided in this section to help students get ready for tests.

What is included in the cost of our course?

  • everything covered in the course, including the online modules and sample exams.
  • 1-on-1 Skype sessions with a personal tutor
  • committed student assistance
  • Having access to a social learning forum online
  • Assignment evaluation and comments
  • After completing the course, get free CV writing assistance.