Human Resource Management [Level 4 & 5]

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With a focus on human resources in medium-sized to large-scale businesses, the 240-credit level 4 diploma in human resource management and the level 5-diploma in business management are designed to give students the skills they need to succeed in management. These skills are extremely beneficial and can open doors in a variety of industries, such as banking, television, hospitality, and healthcare. By enrolling in this course, you can get ready for a career in any number of organizations.

Students can progress to the final year of a university undergraduate degree program by completing the first two years of an undergraduate degree program, which are equal to the level 4 and 5 human resource management courses.


About our Course

The 240-credit level 4 diploma in human resource management and the level 5 diploma in business management are intended to equip students with the abilities required to excel in management, with a particular emphasis on human resources in medium-sized to large-scale enterprises. Possessing these abilities is highly advantageous and can lead to possibilities at a wide range of businesses, including banking, broadcasting, hospitality, and healthcare. You can prepare for a career at any number of organizations by taking this course.

The first two years of an undergraduate degree program are equivalent to the level 4 and 5 human resource management courses, which enables students to advance to the final year of a university undergraduate degree program.

Ten level 4 and ten level 5 modules comprise this course. Written assignments (10 at level 4 and 8 at level 5) and a single multiple-choice test will be used to evaluate each module. For your online study, our team of knowledgeable academics has created a collection of in-depth, unique lessons specifically tailored to assist you prepare for these exams. You can access this content at any time and from any location. It will include all the information you want.

Every course module includes roughly 40 hours of guided instruction plus an extra 30 to 50 hours of optional instruction. These items include of online resources, additional readings, and interactive exercises.

This course is eligible for ELCAS funding.


Qualification Numbers: IAB Level 4 Diploma in Human Resource Management- 610/3133/1
Qualification Numbers 2: Qualifi Level 5 Diploma In Business Management – 601/6049/4

Course Content Level 4

Culture and the organisation

Gain knowledge of what is meant by “organizational culture” and the different ways it affects how the organization functions.

Developing interpersonal skills

Learn the interpersonal skills necessary for managers and leaders to perform various managerial tasks. Discover how to hone these abilities for better output.

Managing and rewarding performance

Discover the definition of successful performance management and how to apply it to raise employee output in terms of rewards and discipline.

Managing ethically

Gain knowledge of the ethical dilemmas that can occur in the course of efficient management, the processes involved in making moral decisions, and the legal and regulatory framework around workplace ethics.

Managing people in organisations

Find out why training employees is important and what the best practices are for an organization.

Motivating and influencing people

Discover the most effective techniques for inspiring individuals and groups of people.

Organisation structures

Gain knowledge of the elements that determine organizational structure and the ways in which management strategy is impacted by organizational structure.

Recruitment and CPD

Gain knowledge of the many strategies employed by organizations to draw in and choose candidates, as well as the internal methods used to assess recruitment needs. Find more about the obligations of employment contracts and the significance of personal growth.

Strategic human resource development

Find out how important strategic HRM is to a company. Learn about the analysis of numerous labor market affecting factors, the various ways in which employment can be terminated, and the various forms of discrimination.

Working in teams

Gain knowledge of the fundamental ideas that support both team leadership and team membership in an efficient team.

Course Content Level 5

The entrepreneurial manager

What is an entrepreneur? Examine the skills and qualities of entrepreneurship.

Organisation structures

Why do organizations have the structures that they do? What factors define the ideal structure, and how does it vary throughout organizations? Students will examine the various ideas and models that comprise organizational structure in this topic.

Practical accounting analysis

Throughout this module, learners will do tasks in accounts to gain an understanding of what the accounts are saying us and the actions that analysis can trigger.

Business planning and goal setting

What does the company want to accomplish? How is it going to behave? How is it going to accomplish that? The development of precise plans and goals in order to accomplish precise objectives is the main topic of this module.

Politics and business

The influence of politics on business and its potential benefits and drawbacks. Students will learn about government support, exports, and the economic consequences in this session.

Business law

Explore the statutory responsibilities of managers as learners look into the legalities of business and business executives.

Managing in today’s world

Business in the modern world. This module focuses on governance and equality as a means to do right in business.

Performance management

In order to guarantee excellent performance in the workplace, learners will examine reward systems, CPD, training, and development. They will also understand how your people and your organization can continuously progress together.

Marketing and sales planning

Learners will analyse how markets, customers, competitors and products can come together in a cohesive plan.

Quantitative skills

After completing this module successfully, students will be familiar with numerical exercises and comprehend how they are used in a corporate setting.


The assignment unit titles for the level 4 course are:

  1. Strategic HRM
  2. Managing ethically
  3. Culture and the organisation
  4. Working in teams
  5. Organisational structure
  6. Recruitment and CPD
  7. Measuring and rewarding performance
  8. Managing people in organisations
  9. Interpersonal skills
  10. Motivating and influencing people

The assignment unit titles for the level 5 course are:

  1. Business development
  2. Business models and growing organisations
  3. Customer management
  4. Responding to the changing business environment
  5. Risk management and organisations
  6. Effective decision making

Career Path

After successfully completing an accredited undergraduate degree program, including the final year of the level 4 (diploma in human resource management) and level 5 (diploma in business management) programs, students will have the necessary credentials to apply for positions in management, HR, strategic business management, or business consulting.

What is included in the cost of our course?

  • All course material, including online modules and written assignments
  • Personal tutor support with 1-2-1 Zoom sessions
  • committed student assistance
  • Having access to a social learning forum online
  • Assignment evaluation and comments
  • Get FREE access to our HUB

University Progression

If you decide to top up to a full undergraduate degree through an accredited UK university, the costs are listed below.

Coventry University

Business Management and Leadership BA (Hons)- online- £6,000

Business Management and Leadership BA (Hons)– London Campus – £10,000

Business Management and Leadership BA (Hons)– Coventry Campus- £10,000

Anglia Ruskin University

BSc (Hons) Management (Top-Up) – £4,850

Northampton University

BSc (Hons) in International Accounting -£9,250

University of Derby

BSc (Hons) Business and Management– £5,200

University of Northumbria

BSc Honours Global Business Management (Human Resources) (top-up)

University of Huddersfield

BA Honours Human Resource Management top-up

Westcliff University

Business Administration – £11,655 (online) / £15,600 (on campus)

University of Hertfordshire

BA (Hons) Business Administration – £6,400

University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN)

BA (Hons) Business Management – £9,240

University of Hertfordshire

BA (Hons) Business Administration (top-up) (Online)

Edinburgh Napier University

BA in Business Management – £4,600
BA in Business and Enterprise – £4,600
BA in Sales Management – £4,600

University of Sunderland – On Campus

BA (Hons) Business and Management – £9,250

University of Bolton

BA (Hons) Top-up, fee £10,250

University of Cumbria

BA (Hons) Global Business Management – ON CAMPUS– £9,250 UK/ £13,250 International

BA (Hons) International Business Management – ON CAMPUS– £9,250 UK/ £13,250 International

University of Nicosia, Cyprus

Undergraduate Top up to BA – €6,000