Strategic Management and Leadership [Level 7]

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The level 7 diploma in strategic management and leadership is an advanced entrance MBA course that provides students with 120 of the 180 credits required to get a full MBA. Thirty interactive modules, eight written tasks, and over forty hours of supervised learning are included in this course. Each module comes with optional materials that can be used for an additional 30 to 50 study hours. These resources include of recommended readings, suggested assignments, online sources, and self-assessment activities. You will also have access to a number of other assistance resources, such as tuition, around-the-clock.

You can apply to a number of UK universities for an online or on-campus MBA top-up course after obtaining your level 7 qualification. The final 60 credits of a dissertation or a dissertation plus one module often make up the top-up section.



About our Course

An advanced entrance MBA course, the level 7 diploma in strategic management and leadership offers students 120 of the 180 credits needed to acquire a full MBA. The course consists of eight written assignments, thirty interactive modules, and about forty hours of guided learning for each module. An extra 30 to 50 study hours of optional materials are included with each module. These materials include suggested readings, suggested tasks, Internet resources, and self-testing exercises. In addition, a range of other support mechanisms, including tuition, will be available to you around-the-clock.

After receiving your level 7 diploma, you are eligible to apply for an MBA top up course, either online or on campus at a range of UK universities. The top up portion will usually consist of the final 60 credits of either a dissertation or a dissertation and one module.

This course is eligible for ELCAS funding.

To enrol onto the level 7 programme, you must be either

a university graduate who is over 22 years old, or a non-university graduate over 24 year old, and with at least five years of managerial experience.


Qualification Numbers: Qualifi Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership – 601/5335/0

Course Content

Qualities of effective leadership

Students will investigate the formation and growth of effective leaders.

Developing interpersonal skills

Building strong relationships with individuals in the business world is crucial to successful business. This lesson gives students the skills they need to sharpen their communication abilities and forge lasting relationships.

Motivating and influencing people

motivating individuals to establish a common direction in the economic world.

Making decisions

following the proper procedures at the appropriate times. Students will examine how to make wise decisions.

Creativity and problem solving

Do issues present a danger or a chance for improvement? Here, students will learn how to use a challenge to their advantage.

Studying and using management theories

Numerous ideas have been created on management, and these theories have given rise to a variety of models. This module examines these theories using instances from everyday life.

The external operating environment of business

preparing for external factors that may affect the company.

Culture and ethics

the values and customs prevalent in today’s corporate environment.

Governance and directorships

managing and organizing a company in a professional manner.

Analysing the competition

What, how, and why are my rivals doing the things that they are doing? examining and evaluating rivals’ moves to improve management positions.

Marketing strategy

establishing a strong and profitable online presence. examining the process of developing marketing strategies to produce effective advertising campaigns.

High performance sales

Students will understand the essential components of a profitable sale.

E-Marketing communication

Recognizing and using electronic messages for marketing purposes.

Customers and their needs

making certain that your clients are appreciated and acknowledged.

Strategic human resource management

In any organization, human resource management ought to be at the center of its strategy. It is focused on treating employees as a company asset.

Recruiting and CPD

attracting the most qualified individuals. cultivating the most exceptional individuals. Retaining the finest personnel.

Measuring and rewarding performance

being aware of and monitoring the performance of your staff.

Interpreting business accounts

using and comprehending the business health litmus tests.

Tools of financial analysis

Tools, resources, and methods for monitoring the company’s health.

Managing cash and working capital

Working capital, cash flow, and cash. the vitality of the business.

Exercises in quantitative techniques

How to utilize and interpret important figures.

Impact of technology on business

Examine and make use of e-business’s potential in a given industry.

Innovation and R&D

utilizing research and innovation to create a commercial edge.

Implementing and managing quality systems

Correct from the start, every time. The role of quality in corporate planning.

Strategic planning tools

Ideas, instruments, and resources that aid in developing a successful business plan.

Strategic and systems management

options for the direction of strategy. selecting the best options for your company.

The business plan

drafting a strategy that focuses on a company’s declared goals and objectives.

Developing high performance teams

cohesiveness and teamwork that improves the performance of businesses.

Managing projects

Completing tasks. executing projects with the appropriate tools.

Strategies for growth

This lesson examines the numerous concepts of growth as well as the tools, metrics, and controls available to managers in order to prepare for growth.


The Qualifi level 7 diploma in strategic management and leadership course has 8 written assignments. The assignments are approximately 2,000-3,000 words each. Students are provided support on the modules and assignments via the ‘Tutor’ section of the learning platform.

The assignment unit titles for the level 7 course are:

  1.     Manage team performance to support strategy
  2.     Information management and strategic decision taking
  3.     Leading a strategic management project
  4.     Strategic direction
  5.     Strategic planning
  6.     Development as a strategic manager
  7.     Finance for managers
  8.     Strategic marketing

Career Path

After completing the final year of an accredited postgraduate degree program and the postgraduate diploma in strategic management and leadership, students will be prepared to take on professional managerial roles in a variety of industries, including accounting, business consulting, marketing, and accounting.

Key cognitive abilities including critical thinking, analysis, assessment, and writing are developed in business management diploma and MBA programs. Presentation and numeracy skills are established to augment knowledge and experience. These abilities are essential for advancing your professional status.

University Progression

On completion of this course students have the opportunity to complete an MBA programme from a range of UK universities. The top up programme can be studied online or on campus. The MBA top up comprises the final 60 credits which consists of either a dissertation or a dissertation and one module.

University of Gloucestershire

MBA Business Administration – £3,250

Anglia Ruskin University

MBA (Top-Up) – £5,200

University of Bolton

MBA Business Administration – £3,500

University of Sunderland

MBA Business Administration – £5,145 (campus)

Westcliff University

Master of Business Administration – £10,700 (online) / £11,120 (campus)

Northampton University

Executive MBA– £3,500
MA in Human Resource Management – £2,200
Executive Master of Business Administration – £3,690

University of Derby

Top up to MBA – (partial exemption)