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Your guide to boarding schools across the UK awaits. UNIQ will help you navigate finances, application processes, and eligibility criteria to find the place that's made for you.

How It Works

Journey to Boarding School

Boarding schools provide a disciplined setting with a strong academic focus. Offering a safe setting to help children navigate the social and emotional challenges of adolescence.

Step 1

Initial Consultation and Assessment:

Assessing on the student's academic history, strengths, and shortcomings. Discussing what the student and family expect from boarding school, including the ideal location, the curriculum (A-Levels, IB, etc.), and the size and atmosphere of the institution.

Step 2

Application Process Management

Support during pre application stage, establishing that all necessary paperwork (transcripts, school reports, reference letters, etc.) is gathered. Managing admissions to universities in tandem with the establishment. Assisting the student with admission exam preparation.

Step 3

Offer Negotiation and Acceptance

Advising on scholarship opportunities and negotiate fees on the student's behalf (if applicable). Supporting the student weigh their options and make an informed decision about which offer to accept.

Understanding Student Visas

Why Boarding School

Boarding schools have been around since the Middle Ages when monasteries and churches provided a place for students to learn and develop. Over the centuries, boarding schools have become increasingly popular as a means of providing students with an immersive and enriching educational experience. With a higher level of supervision and structure, boarding schools help students develop independence, personal responsibility, and time management skills. Additionally, boarders are exposed to a diverse and rigorous curriculum that provides preparation for college life.
Boarding School

Types of Programmes to Choose

A boarding school offers a variety of academic programs. They may include:GCSE / A Levels; Retake Courses; Medical Programme; STEM Programme; Super Curricular Enrichment; A Level Extended Project Qualification (EPQ); University Foundation Programme (UFP); Academic Summer School; English Language Courses; Easter Revision & Tuition.

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Student Reviews

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Education accompanies each of us for most of our lives, it has different faces 🙂 I admire and am full of appreciation for young people who share passion, common goal and willingness to show the way to those who want to develop. A professional, lively and self-confident team behind the project is a guarantee of a good choice. It is worth following this, because it is the principle that allows you to be successful.
Pawel Pieczka
Дуже дякую вашій агенції за допомогу при вступленні до університету, заповенні документів і моральну підтримку! Без вас цей процес би затягнувся не на один тиждень, а може я б взагалі не зміг попасти до універу у цьому році, також порекомендував вас всім друзям, які перейхали у Британію і не знали з чого почати translated: Thank you very much to your agency for the help with admission to the university, filling out documents and moral support! Without you, this process would have dragged on for more than one week, and maybe I wouldn't have been able to get into university at all this year, I also recommended you to all my friends who moved to Britain and didn't know where to star
Vadym Matata
Співпрацював з цією компанією декілька місяців. Все чудово, допомогали з любими ситуаціями. Наразі навчаюсь та все чудово. Рекомендую Cooperated with this company for several months. Everything is great, they helped me in every situations. I am currently studying and everything is fine. I recommend UNIQ
Vlad Maksymiuk
I registered yesterday and already got my study schedule. I will start on Monday. I want to thank you very much for your work. To be honest, I didn't believe until the last moment that this was a reality and that my dream had come true. I thank you for really taking care of it and supporting me every step of the way, even in the moments when we were annoying. And if you'll be in London and want to meet for coffee, I'd be delighted.
Karina Ivanova

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