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Study Computing in London

Over 2 million tech job vacancies were reported in the UK between May 2021 and 2022, with London alone posting over 600,000 vacancies.
Living in the UK for a few years? Would you like to change your job but don't know how? At UNIQ Study Hub, we will create a dedicated career path for you so that you can find a new, inspiring, and well-paid job.

Study Computer Science in London

  • The UK’s IT industry is worth £58 billion annually.
  • Projections suggests the UK has the potential to create a further three million new technology jobs by 2025 (
  • With a strong focus on programming (using Java and Python), the course includes a variety of software development, database, web development and networking units. 
  • You will also look at web APIs, JSON, HTML5 and big data analytics. 
  • Start in June and get Laptop as a Part of UNIQ Talent Scheme. 

Levels You Can Start From

  • Foundation Year – includes additional English for Academic Purposes (EAP) classes in its program. It’s the perfect option for individuals unsure of their final direction.
  • First Year – we welcome students with their A-levels or other equivalent. An excellent choice for those who are determined and confident in their next steps.
  • You need to pass Duolingo and score more than 95 points
  • You can press [HERE] to practice free
  • If you were very close please let us know, we can book you for internal exam.

Important Information about Student Finance England

  • We don’t beat around the bush. Don’t fall for marketing ploys regarding “free tuition grants,” 

  • We’ll guide you through the possible forms of financing your studies – Tuition Fee Loan (loan for tuition fees), Maintenance Loan (loan to cover living costs).

  • We’ll explain what non-repayable grants such as Childcare Grant (£188 for one child or £323 for two), Parental Learning Allowance (£1820 per year), Disabled Student Allowance, Adult Dependant Grant, and more entail.

Hello, my name is Karolina Chmara​

I am Certified British Council Agent Counsellor.​

For the past 7 years, I have been working full-time in the Education industry. I am the Founder of the UNIQ Study Hub ® startup.
I provide comprehensive university admissions services and career guidance. I also collaborate with lawyers and licensed immigration advisors (OISC). I will create a comprehensive action plan for you, so that after courses or studies, you will be in high demand in the job market. Let the job positions compete for you (rather than the other way around!)

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studia dla dorosłych w uk
Career Path Created for Adults

Your Education Has An Impact On Your Future. Also On The Future Of Your Children.

For adult parents with children, as well as adults working full-time, there is the possibility of applying to study at branch campuses of universities. These campuses offer 2-3 day programs, the option of choosing evening studies, and alternative admission thresholds. With UNIQ Study Hub, you can apply to both the main university campuses (full-time, 4-5 days a week) and to institutions offering hybrid classes. We will individually tailor the selection of schools and majors to your needs.

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Pokonuj Swoje Granice i Sięgaj po Więcej.

Razem z Currys PC World przygotowaliśmy dla was wyjątkową ofertę skierowaną do osób dorosłych. Rozpocznij studia w


Overcome your limits.

Simplified Collaboration Process

1. Free Consulting Session

During the free consultation, we'll talk about you. The principle is simple: You speak, I listen. Based on your needs, I will present you with a preliminary proposal for further steps. Languages we speak: English, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian.

2. Your Decision

After the initial consultation, you will know if you want to continue working together. We are available on WhatsApp seven days a week. If you have additional questions, you'll let us know.

3. Education and Career Plan

The plan may include courses, selected undergraduate degree programs, options for transfer after the first year, scenarios regarding internships, placements, master's studies, and further career paths.

4. Application Preparation

Preparation includes: gathering documents, verifying their correctness, preparing a portfolio, preparing an academic CV, and a persuasive personal statement.

5. Application Preparation

Do you need a sworn translation? Do you need a student visa (international students)? Would you like to add Student Insurance? Be sure to inform us.

6. University Admissions

We submit documents to universities. We offer over 50 schools accepting British Residents as well as all universities in the UK, USA, Ireland, and Canada for visa students.

7. English Assessment

We are well-versed in all aspects of language tests. During an individual session (1 hour), we will prepare you for the language test. Some courses also require a faculty interview. We will go through this together.

8. Student Finance England

We start the second process, which is obtaining financing. Tuition Fee and Maintenance Loan are student loans that will merge into one after you finish your studies. You will only start repaying the loan if you start earning above £25,000 per year. The repayment amount resembles more of a study tax than instalments of a loan as we know from realities.

9. Grants & Tracking

Based on your individual situation, we will select grants (non-repayable supplements for parents, guardians, disabled individuals, or medical students). We monitor the status of your financing application for the next 6 months so that you receive both money for your studies and money to cover daily living expenses.

Types of Financing and Grants. Everything you need to know.

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Welcome to UNIQ Study Hub
My name is Karolina and I am Certified British Council Agent Counsellor.
I will be happy to assist you on the journey to study abroad.